Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The main ballroom was filled with every notable in town. Buffie should’ve never doubted Tonya when she said she would make it happen. Buffie heard the familiar laughter from across the room. A second glance or even a full out gawk wouldn’t have changed what she saw.
“Oh Chip.” Tonya looked at her as she caressed Chip’s cheek. “Why in the world are you still with Bubblehead Buffie?”
His response was inaudible, and Buffie had to quickly brush aside every negative scenario that wanted to run through her mind. But it wasn’t that simple. Buffie was cursed. She was sure of it. From the moment Tonya dumped a bucket of sand in her hair in preschool, her life had gone in a direction she wasn’t sure she would’ve chosen. Tonya had a knack for snatching away every option on the table, with the exception of hers. But Buffie couldn’t, no she wouldn’t, let her get away with it when it came to Chip.
“Stop pouting Buffie,” Tonya tousled the back of Buffie’s hair. “It makes you ugly.”
Buffie turned to face her. She’d had enough. She grabbed Tonya’s neck and pushed her against the wall. “Keep your hands off of Chip, or I’ll--”
“You’ll what?” she laughed.
Chuck had to strike while the iron was hot. He grabbed the arms of her chair and leaned close to her face. “Yeah, you’ll what?”
She swallowed and blinked several times before she spoke. “I told her I’d strangle her with that stupid velvet ribbon.”

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