Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Buffie wanted to crawl under the table. She would never experience that degree of humiliation again. Tonya had been drinking heavily and that always meant something awful was bound to happen. The house was filled with people they’d grown up with and tons of others that were there just for bragging rights. Tonya had persuaded her to come, because like all of her parties, it was one she’d never forget. And she was right. When Tonya grabbed Chip, the room stood still and everyone focused on them. Her mouth covered his, and Buffie could’ve sworn that five minutes passed before Chip pushed her away.
The partygoers went wild.
“How’d that make you feel?” the large man stood over her.
Buffie put her head down. “I wanted to kill her.”
She snapped her head up. “But I didn’t! When she sobered up, she couldn’t stop apologizing. And look, she bought me this totally awesome watch. OMG! I’ve got to go! Can I like come back later?”
“Um,” Danica furrowed her brow. “Like no. We still haven’t gone over the night Tonya was murdered.”

*OMG>Oh my gosh/god BFF>Best Friends N/C>Not Cool*

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