Friday, September 4, 2009


Chuck looked at the clock on the wall. Showtime. Winston Carlyle, man of the hour, sat with his elbows jabbing into his knees. His fingers nervously ran through his hair. This would be like taking candy from a baby.
“Winston my man,” Chuck sat down across from him. “It seems you’ve got a little problem.”
He opened the folder and pretended to be intrigued by its contents. Small beads of sweat formed on Winston’s forehead, and Chuck knew he had him right where he wanted.
“I…I don’t understand. You can’t possibly believe I had anything to do with this.”
Chuck closed the folder. “Let’s see. You’re practically engaged to Kathleen, but she goes away for a bit to visit her sick grandmother, and by the time she comes back, you’re with Tonya. Not to mention you invite her to a gala where you propose…” Chuck snickered. “And you expect me to erase you from our list of suspects? If anything, this moves you to the top of the list. Can’t marry both, so one’s gotta go. Was that your motto?”
“This is ridiculous.” Winston sat up. “Tonya had two sides, one of which I never saw. I knew the sweet, kind and vulnerable Tonya, not the monster everyone else saw.”
Only a few items remained on the Travers-McCorvey checklist, and Dara was determined to take care of that, if her client ever decided to show up. Whenever she had a client like Buffie Travers, she wondered why she’d chosen her career path. Dara smiled. She didn’t choose it, it chose her. And truth be told, she loved it. She looked at her watch and decided she’d waited long enough. Decisions had to be made immediately in order to accommodate the guest list and high standards of Governor and Mrs. Travers.
“I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting.” Buffie rushed in. “I spent my morning being harassed by a dwarf and a giant.”

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