Saturday, September 5, 2009


Winston knew he’d made a huge mistake. He didn’t want to propose, but when Mr. Somers handed him the ring, he knew he didn’t have a choice. He did what he was told, against his better judgment. Tonya was thrilled. Mr. Somers was pleased. And Kathleen was the lucky loser.
“Kathleen, please, I need to talk to you.” Winston caught her as she tried to leave through the back door.
“There’s nothing to talk about. Don’t you think you said it all when you proposed to her? What do you want me to say? Okay Winston, here goes: I’m so happy you found your soul mate, someone to spend the rest of your life with. Too bad, the joke’s on me. But I forgive you. Is that what you want to hear?” Tears streamed down her cheeks.
“What was I supposed to do, huh? Wait forever for you to decide if you wanted me or Henry? And if memory serves me, you were the one who ended it, via email. You don’t do that to someone you love.”
“News flash you jerk. Henry and his fiancée stopped by once. And instead of grilling me, why don’t you ask her about the messages she erased?” she moved to within inches of him. “Yeah, the ones telling you how much I loved and missed you. How I couldn’t wait to get home to you. The ones leaving you every contact number known to man, so you could reach me. Ask your beloved Tonya what happened to those messages. And while you’re at it, ask her how savvy she is on the internet!”
Winston leaned against the wall. So many things made sense now. He made a huge mistake. “Kath, I…let me make this right. Please. Just let me handle Tonya. I’ll take care of everything.”
Tonya took refuge in the library. Her lip was on fire, but it was worth it. She cleaned herself up, careful to leave just enough evidence to prove Kathleen’s instability. The tight grip around her arm shocked her as she was shoved back into the library.
“Oh Winston, you scared me. Can’t keep your hands off of me, huh?”
“Not quite.”
Tonya tried to pull herself together. No one would ever know he’d called off the engagement. She’d never tell, and she certainly wouldn’t take off the ring.

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