Thursday, September 10, 2009


Chuck leaned back in his chair. He couldn’t make heads or tails of the case. There was one piece of incriminating evidence that all of the suspects shared; they hated Tonya Somers. But that was hardly enough.
“This is absolutely ridiculous.” He complained to Danica. “I mean, we should have something concrete by now.”
Danica nodded her head in agreement. “I wonder if Porter’s having any success with the warrant. He seemed to believe the missing earring will lead us to one of the killers.”
She looked at the large clock situated on the far wall. “It’s getting late, and it’s Friday. Think he’s gonna make any headway?”
Chuck rolled his eyes. The likelihood of Porter walking away empty-handed was great. He absolutely hated that part of his job. It never failed. He would present the evidence and explain the importance of the search. He’d use his inside voice, and if that didn’t work, he’d make noise. And no one enjoyed it when he made noise.
His cell phone vibrated on the desk. Chuck looked at it and smiled. “Hey Porter. What can I do for you?”

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