Friday, September 11, 2009



Dara checked the seating chart. She did the best she could with it. She shook her head again. The guest list in itself was a little pathetic. Less than half of the guests shared the same age group as Buffie and Chip. The vast majority were friends of the governor. Yet the couple seemed to take it in stride. The only request Buffie had was placing Jerome Cleaves at a table far from theirs.
“Have you seen him?” she scoffed. “Ugh. There’s no way I want to catch a glimpse of him while I’m trying to eat!”
Dara walked by each table and made sure everything was perfect. She looked at her watch. In just a few short hours the guests would arrive. Some would thoroughly enjoy themselves and others would complain about everything. But it didn’t matter. After the festivities, she would rush home and prepare for her date with Chuck.
Hope was on pins and needles. She’d held on to the invitation much longer than she should have. So many thoughts raced through her mind. What if I’m stopped at the door? What if I’m arrested? What if I walk away with more pieces of the puzzle? The last thought was enough. Career advancement always won. She sat in her bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. There was no denying her beauty, but she would need to do something different with her hair; it wasn’t up to anchor standards.

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