Saturday, September 12, 2009


Chuck didn’t like the fact that he had to roll out of bed early. He’d go through the trouble of brushing his hair and tucking in his shirt. He’d even use his most polite voice, yet the snotty folks behind the locked glass door would only allow him to enter after he flashed his badge. At least he’d have the honors of shoving a search warrant into a corrupt jewelers face.
The visit to the jewelers was just as he expected. When he and Danica arrived, the bourgeois girl didn’t want to let them in. She adjusted her perfectly pressed shirt, smoothed her long hair, and waited nervously until her boss appeared behind her. Vick Hunt stood only half an inch shorter than Chuck, but outweighed him by twenty pounds. He had no intentions of releasing any information without a search warrant, and he dared anyone to challenge him.
“I don’t care who you are.” Vick moved in front of his employee. “No warrant, no search.”
“No problem.” Chuck wasn’t about to back down. “I just happen to have one right here in my pocket. Move out of our way Mr. Hunt.”
Hope pulled out her trusty notebook. Several scenarios ran through her mind. She would need one set of questions for one group and a different set for the other. In the long run, it wouldn’t matter if she was thrown out on her ear. She put the notebook back in the drawer and decided to wing it.
“Why not,” she said to herself. “You’re already flying by the seat of your pants.”
She walked into her closet and threw four different dresses on her bed. They were nice, but she would be dining with local royalty and needed to fit in to be taken seriously. What would Tonya have worn? Undoubtedly, something chic and way out of her price range. Hope peered through her window. Tonya’s house seemed to stare back at her; beckoning to her. She could slip through the back and into the basement without being noticed. Hope was certain Tonya had things in her closet with the tags still on them. She let the thought linger for a moment before she let it go. She grabbed her bag and headed to the mall in search of the clearance racks.

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