Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Vick reluctantly moved aside. He watched Danica walk by. His eyes lingered on her longer than they should. He knew he could learn to love that one. She was just his type: pretty, petite, and feisty. The only thing standing in their way was that shiny badge clipped to her tiny waist.
Vick crossed his arms over his buffed chest. He smiled to himself. It would take them a little while to find what they were looking for. Lucky for Vick, his clientele often required a vast amount of knowledge hiding records.
Jerome’s hands were moist; even more than usual. He hated some of the events he was invited to, but he considered it an honor to be included in Buffie and Chip’s happiness. He looked around the room. Most of the guests were repeaters, not to mention large donors of Dorian Travers’ campaign. He fell into that category, and not because he had to. Over the years he and Dorian had become great friends, and they shared some of the same passions. Jerome wiped his hands on the front of his pants. A sudden rush of relief washed over him. He would never have to deal with Tonya again. It was a win-win situation; the monkey had been knocked off his back and he had tons of blackmail cash he didn’t have to part with.

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