Thursday, September 17, 2009



Dorian was pleased with the overall turn out, and very impressed with Dara Stevens’ work. He watched Buffie. She was beaming. He moved closer to Connie and put his arm around her. It was going to be the engagement party Buffie had always envisioned. Dorian knew they’d been blessed. He was happy and relieved that the day would be about Buffie and Chip. There was no way Tonya could ruin it.

Daphne was finally able to relax. She couldn’t remember the last time she had attended an event and didn’t feel like she had a noose around her neck. Daphne didn’t know how to explain it. All she cared about was her freedom. She could start fresh without the constant threat of the wicked witch looking over her shoulder with a list of blackmail items as long as her arm. It was painful to watch Mr. and Mrs. Somers put on a brave front for the governor, but Daphne felt no remorse in rejoicing in Tonya’s death. Good riddance.

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