Wednesday, September 23, 2009



The team made more than a dozen trips to gather all of Vick Hunt’s files and computers.
“You know,” Danica looked out at the two trucks still being loaded up. “This could’ve been avoided. I mean, he should’ve just given us what we asked for in the beginning.”
Chuck smiled. “I know. All he had to do was punch in the number Porter found and the murder would be halfway solved. But Vick had to be difficult. Now all of his records will sit in storage until we get around to them, and the doors to this marvelous establishment will have to close indefinitely.”
The detectives moved into Vick’s private office. It was nothing like Danica imagined. She was immediately reminded of her father’s study, with mahogany paneled walls and matching desk. Her father worked tirelessly; an honest man who made a name for himself by hard work rather than engaging in illegal activities.
Chuck ran his fingers along the wall and moved to the wall of built-in bookcases. With little force, he pushed on one of the shelves and the bookcase popped open.
“Well, well.” He looked over his shoulder at Vick and Christian. “Didn’t count on us finding your secret room, huh?”

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