Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Liza couldn’t move fast enough. She wanted to shield Rick from whatever Winston had up his sleeve.
“Winston,” Rick stood and extended his hand. “Have a seat.”
“Sir, that’s what I came to tell you.” Winston ignored Liza’s presence. “I…I can’t sit here knowing Tonya should be next to me. I just can’t.”
He touched the back of Hope’s chair. “That’s why I asked this young lady to switch with me. I hope you don’t mind.”
Rick nodded his head. “I understand. Believe me; it’s not easy for us either. Just promise not to make yourself a stranger.”
He watched Winston walk back to his table where Kathleen Phillips waited for him. Rick was never a huge fan of Winston’s, but for some reason, he was Tonya’s choice. He never thought his behavior would be so distasteful. His daughter’s body was still warm and her fiancé was already out with someone else. He removed his cell phone from his pocket.
“Connect me with Detective Chuck Thomas, immediately.”

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