Friday, September 25, 2009



Hope didn’t know how to react. She had been given a gift; one that she was determined to use to the fullest. The plot had thickened in a matter of minutes. It was clear that Liza Somers despised Kathleen Phillips and Winston Carlyle. But what was interesting was Rick Somers’ reaction to Winston’s departure. Did he think Winston killed Tonya? Or maybe the two of them conspired so he wouldn’t have to go through with the wedding. The what-ifs and maybes were enough to drive her insane. She wanted so badly to whip out her note pad and write until her fingers bled. If only she had one of those nifty, nearly invisible recorders, she’d be in business. But that would be too easy. So far, no one knew who she was, and that came in handy. Thank goodness she had a mind like a steel trap.
“Excuse me. Are you Kathleen? I was told our seating had been rearranged.” Hope looked up and peered into the face of the most beautiful man she’d ever seen.
“Um…no.” she stammered. “There was a slight change in seating. But you just said that, didn’t you? Kathleen is at another table with her boyfriend. But please, have a seat. I’m Hope, by the way.”

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