Saturday, September 26, 2009



The party was going well. No major catastrophes, the guests were thoroughly enjoying themselves, and only two couples had rearranged their seating. And based on what she saw, both couples were more than happy with the change. Whenever that happened, Dara fully understood why she loved her job. What she didn’t love was missing items in her kit.
Dara looked through her kit for a third time, and the clear adhesive bandages still weren’t there. It never failed, the one thing she forgets is the thing someone is bound to need. She shook her head and made her way to the concierge, who in turn, led her to the largest room of supplies she’d ever seen.
“Help yourself.” he said. “But the door locks behind you, so the only way back in is to call me.”

Chuck walked into the hidden space. He quickly turned around and faced his partner. His attempt at suppressing a smile was less than adequate. Danica couldn’t see around him, and trying to plow through him wasn’t an option. Chuck cleared his throat. He stood in the doorway like the comical ringmaster ready to introduce the next act at the circus.
“Fellow officers,” he began. “It looks like we’re going to need another truck. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve hit the mother lode!”
He moved aside and allowed Danica to pass through. It was beautiful. Drugs, money, computers, weapons, and a legal search warrant, always made for a great day.

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