Monday, September 28, 2009



The three laptops confiscated from Vick secret hideaway sat on the long table in the conference room. Chuck and Danica stood over the technicians as they worked.
“Detective Thomas, there’s a little lady waiting for you.” The young officer said. “She has something for you.”
Irritated at the interruption, Chuck tore himself away from the screens and walked to the waiting area. Millie Douglas sat clutching a strong box.
“I just found this among some of Miss Tonya’s things.” She handed him the box and a set of keys. “I think it might help.”
It took her awhile to find what she was looking for. She grabbed a few adhesive strips and tucked them neatly into her hit. The voices in the next row startled her, they were hushed, but she heard them clearly.
“I think they’re on to us. I mean, they are working overtime. I knew it was a bad idea.”
“Shut up! If they find anything, it’s because you’re walking around looking guilty. Keep your mouth shut and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Killing Tonya was a blessing, and you know it.”
Dara’s heart pounded wildly. She carefully pulled out her cell phone and sent Chuck a text. She prayed he could understand what she wanted him to know. It pleased her to know she could help with his investigation.
The bigger problem was trying to get out of the supply room without making a sound. The room was quiet. Maybe they went out through another door. She waited for a few moments, until she was absolutely sure she was alone. With her supply kit fully stocked, and her cell phone tucked in her pocket, she turned toward the door.
“Going somewhere?”

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  1. ok, so do you have a good or something cause your writing keeps me salivating...great stories