Friday, October 16, 2009



“The last time I saw her,” David Knowles said. “Was when I opened the door to the supply room.”
Chuck stared at him intently. He needed to be certain he heard and understood every word spoken to him. He couldn’t afford to miss even the smallest detail.
“Something told me to go in with her, but she said she just needed a few things; bandages or something. When I left, she was okay. I didn’t think to…I should’ve stayed…”
David pulled out a key card and began to walk. “It’s this way. But I must warn you. The supply room is more like a store. There are several places within the room where she could be hidden.”
The short walk down the hallway gave Chuck enough time to collect himself. He had no idea what to expect, and he didn’t like it. He saw what the killers had done to Tonya Somers, and said a quick, silent prayer that the same had not happened to Dara.

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