Monday, October 19, 2009



David Knowles waited for the signal. He was a ball of fear, nervousness and excitement. When he rolled out of bed that morning, he never dreamt he would be a part of a search and rescue team. The stories he would tell had already begun to form in his mind. No matter the outcome, to his friends and colleagues, he would be the one to find her, resuscitate her, or pronounce her dead. His story would become legendary. The ladies would wait in line to hear of his heroics.
The hot little detective poked his arm with her elbow. He swiped his keycard and quickly stepped aside. The detectives and officers drew their guns. Danica nodded to Chuck before she opened the door. He went high and she stayed low. It wasn’t choreographed like an action packed movie, and that was just fine with them. The main objective was to find Dara; alive.

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