Wednesday, October 28, 2009



It was a bad idea, he knew. He could feel it in his gut. But he had to go so he could find out exactly how Tonya died. Tessa’s was crowded as usual, which was a plus for Chuck. He thought back to Tonya sprawled out in the tub and Dara crammed in the locker and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to contain himself. The crowd would keep him honest. At least he hoped it would.
“You’re right on time.” Chuck offered his degenerate guest a seat across from him.

“So Chuckie, I know you’ve had this burning desire to know all the juicy details of Tonya’s untimely death. Well sir, today is your lucky day. Unfortunately, I have a celebration to attend and I can’t be late, seeing that I’m the guest of honor.”
Chuck instantly regretted the meeting. It was hard for him to sit across from a known killer, unable to do anything about it. He wanted to reach across the table and knock out a few teeth. But he looked ahead and jostled the ice in his tea. “The floor is all yours.”

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