Wednesday, November 4, 2009



The dinner crowds were beginning to form, and Chuck was afraid they would be noticed. He motioned for the monster to speed up the storytelling process.
“I know Tonya’s face was numb. And her ribs had to hurt. She couldn’t breathe either. But Chuckie, she kept talking and smiling. ‘You fools will get nothing from me. I’ll die first. You idiots are getting what you deserve.’
“You keep saying ‘you’,” Dorian added. “I’ve done nothing to you. I thought we meant something to each other.”
Tonya wiggled from his grip. She laughed at him. “You’re right, but you were simply a casualty of war. There’s always at least one.”
“That set Dorian off. Get this, he grabbed her jewelry box and whacked her on the back of the head. Jewelry flew everywhere. The box flipped out of his hands and Tonya fell back into his arms. I thought he killed her, but that only made her mad.”

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