Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Hope sat on the edge of her seat in the editing room. She rewound, watched, and rewound again. She couldn’t get enough of herself and the story she brought to the city. It was amazing how it practically fell into her lap. Had she known her career would’ve been catapulted to new heights, she would’ve killed Tonya herself years ago.
Hope walked over to the closed mini blinds. She peeked out to see what her colleagues were up to. Surprisingly nothing much had changed; except for the promotion. It had been hard not to rub it in Wendy’s face even when she deserved it. Instead, Hope often took the high road, which in itself was a miracle. She turned back to the screens, still unable to believe the incredible events that had taken place. Two 'Not Guilty' verdicts had the city reeling and would keep her busy for quite some time. She’d already done several interviews on national cable stations and she was slated to sit down with a director looking to film a movie of the week on the scandal. For once, it felt good to be Hope Freeman.

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