Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

The young couple looked at each other. Greenstone was supposed to have been out of their reach. Yet they stood in the front yard of their new home; keys in hand. In the sunlight, the home didn’t look as intimidating as it had before.
“Is it just me,” Karen slipped her sunglasses on top of her head. “Or is this the most beautiful house you’ve ever seen?”
“I was thinking the same thing.” Benny grabbed Karen’s hand and led her to the driveway. “Can’t you see our kids growing up here?”
“You bet. And that garage,” Karen smiled. “The upstairs will be the perfect office space for me. I know we’ve got a lot of work to do, but I really don’t see a downside to living here. Do you?”
Benny opened the front door. The same odor met them, but they welcomed it. It was theirs; the smells, the dirt, the house.
Karen placed the bucket of cleaning supplies in the hallway. She dug in her back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. “Okay, when you were at work, I devised a plan. Let’s start with the kitchen, living and dining rooms. The movers won’t be here until later this afternoon. If push comes to shove, and we don’t make it upstairs, we can always pull out the futon and sleep on that.”
“Sounds good to me.” he gave his surroundings a look. “Just tell me you brought masks and gloves.”

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