Sunday, April 19, 2009

Returned Home Safely

I’m back! Yay! And I’m very sorry I didn’t post for about four days. But I can explain. Okay, here’s the deal. We stayed at a resort that cost almost as much per night as my husband’s first car, yet internet services were not included. Yep, you read it right. In fact, the charge was $13 per day in room and $5 per hour in lobby/business area. Call me whatever you like, but I was not feeling that generous. So here’s the recap again, and later this afternoon, I will post an actual entry. Thanks for the patience.

The Stinky Recap
Agnes and Dayna are excited about introducing Karen to Mrs. Landau so she can see how the house looked when they bought it for Patience. But Donnie and Gracie just want the house and memories of their sister to vanish like she did.
Brad Thoms hadn’t been back in Greenstone in years, but now he’d been hired to work on Karen and Benny’s home. Everyone is surprised and happy to see their former history teacher, especially Agnes. Karen and Benny had been confused. They thought “Mr. Thoms” was some sort of nickname, until he explained to them that he was only 5 years older than the gang. It suddenly made sense why Agnes, who promised to help Karen with the yard, came over dressed for a Saturday luncheon. What didn’t make sense was the way Brad dismissed her.

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