Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

“Oh, look at what else is in here.” Genevieve took a dirt laden necklace from the box and laid it on the lid of the box. “I wonder how you can get all of this dirt off without ruining it.”
Brad hadn’t seen the necklace in years. An array of emotions washed over him. He was confused and a little frightened. Small beads of sweat formed on his forehead. It had been so long ago. If he blurted out the truth now, what harm could be done?
“Oh,” Agnes grabbed the necklace. “I think I can get this cleaned up for you. Mr. Th—Brad, do you have any degreaser in you truck?”

“My goodness,” Genevieve smiled and grabbed Agnes’ hand. “I haven’t seen that camera in years. We got it for Donnie when he said he wanted to be a photographer. I remember he took pictures of everything. I mean everything.”
“Yeah,” Xavier refilled his glass. “He used to have that big black strap tied around his neck, snapping pictures of everything and everybody.”
Dayna wasn’t sure why her throat closed and the walls seemed to sway when she saw the camera, but she had an idea. She’d always had an idea. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat but tried to stay focused and attentive.
Xavier looked over at Dayna. He’d seen that look before; quiet terror. He wanted to take her home and comfort her, but he needed to find that box. That was the only reason he was there, just like the others. Twenty years later, and Patience was still controlling them.

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