Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Karen needed to take a break. They had finally made the house livable, and both she and Benny had vowed to give the remodeling a rest for a least a month. She looked around the kitchen and was pleased with the finished product. She tossed the damp paper towel in the trash and grabbed the pizza boxes. Although the house was filled with people hours ago, she wanted company. She was worried about Agnes. Something happened when she saw those letters.
Karen opened the side door that led out to the driveway. It was going to be a beautiful, clear night. Maybe she and Benny would sit out back and relax. She threw the boxes into the dumpster and headed across the driveway. The garage door slid open next door, and Karen was happy to see Agnes behind the wheel. Maybe she could tag along with her to brighten her spirits.
“Hey!” Karen waved to her as she backed out. She caught a glimpse of Agnes’ face. Her eyes were red and swollen. She never looked Karen’s way as she screeched down the street.

Agnes didn’t know where she was going. She just knew that if she didn’t get out of that house, she was going to explode. She didn’t quite understand why she was feeling the way she was; maybe because one of her secrets was out, or…she just didn’t know. What she did know was she wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that box was sitting in the Landau mansion waiting for a duplicate key to arrive.

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