Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Gracie and Donnie were waiting for her in the family room when she arrived. She was pleased with her decision to lock the box away beforehand.
“Don’t you two have families to tend to? I swear, when you were growing up, you couldn’t wait to leave.”Genevieve sat in her recliner. “Now you can’t stay away.”
Gracie shook her head. She was used to hearing their mother slam their intentions; even if she was right. “Mother, we were just concerned because you were out all day chasing a dream. We didn’t want you to be alone after your disappointment.”
She’d heard enough. She was still on cloud nine, and nothing the two nitwits said or did was going to bring her down. “Yes, I had a long day, but it was far from disappointing. In fact, it was more rewarding than you’ll ever know.”
“So you found what you were looking for?” Donnie stood and walked over to the window. He brushed back the drapes and waited for an answer. In some ways he hoped she would lie, but if she did, he couldn’t call her on it without ratting on himself.
“I did. Now if the two of you will excuse me, I’d like to call it a night. You’re more than welcome to come back tomorrow with my grandchildren. I’d love to see them.”
That was it. Just as it had always been; they’d been dismissed. She walked them to the door without another word. On the other side of the heavy door, they knew she had already set the alarm with a security code she refused to share with them.
Genevieve poured herself a glass of wine and reclined back in the chair. Their schemes wouldn’t work this time. She made sure of that. Whatever evil they had hidden in that box would be revealed in less than ten hours. And her prayer was that she would have Patience on the phone that same day.

Donnie and Gracie were furious. They, for the millionth time, had been treated like dirt. It wasn’t over.
“We have to get that box back.” Gracie unlocked her door. “Patience can’t ruin anything else for us.”
Donnie held the car door open for her. “I wonder where she put it. I know she has it. I watched them put it in her car. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.”

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