Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Her nails were still wet, but she grabbed the phone anyway, careful not to smudge her artwork. She’d never heard despair in her best friend’s voice until that moment. Dayna didn’t know what to say, so she just listened. Patience was vague on the details, but one thing was clear: her life was over.
“I’m babysitting Adam and Ashley right now.” She wedged the phone between her ear and shoulder. “But as soon as mom gets home, I’ll bring something with tons of chocolate and caramel on it.”
Dayna wondered what could have rattled Patience so much to make her reach out for help. She decided not to ponder, pass judgment, or gloat. She wouldn’t even call Xavier. She would just be her friend.


He was so excited. Patience had called and told him the recommendations were ready. Xavier pulled the cotton polo shirt over his head. He nervously buttoned two buttons and adjusted his collar. It was getting late, but he wanted to look presentable in case Mr. Landau happened to stop by. The face that stared back at him in the mirror was confident. He’d worked hard, and those recommendation letters were going to seal his future. Soon, the town of Greenstone would be the place he used to live, not the place he was going to die. He had such gratitude for the Landau’s and their friends for his ticket to the big league.


“Do you really think she’ll do it?” Gracie laid her head on Donnie’s shoulder. They both knew how unpredictable Patience was. No plan was foolproof when it came to her. And that scared them.
“I mean, what if she never leaves?” Gracie sat up and put her head between her legs. She looked up. “Or comes back in a few years demanding more?”
Donnie rubbed his sister’s back and let out a deep breath. “It might be easier to just kill her.”

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