Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

She couldn’t wait to get out of Greenstone. Donnie and Gracie better do what they’re supposed to or else she’d be forced to play her hand and they really didn’t want that. She pulled out her brown and gold signature luggage. She wasn’t sure of her destination, just as long as it was far away from Greenstone. She sat at her desk and wrote her parents a letter. They deserved to know that she would only be gone for a short time and that they shouldn’t worry. She’d drop it in the mail on the way to the airport. The doorbell rang and she slipped it into her back pocket.
“I knew you’d do as you were told.” She held open the door long enough for Donnie to enter. “Where’s Gracie? Oh, let me guess, she’s probably holed up in that crack house in the city. Figures.”
Donnie wanted to shoot her, but he had failed to bring a gun. “Actually, she’s helping mother prepare for next month’s tea. Never mind. Let’s get this over with.”
Patience waited for Donnie to put the suitcase on the coffee table before she made a move.
“It’s all there.” Donnie unzipped the suitcase. “If you want to spend the next half hour counting it, that’s up to you. Me, I have tickets to Springsteen.”
The rows of cash neatly lined and stacked surprised her. But what surprised her more was how stupid her older siblings were. She would disappear, but only for a little while. When she returned, the money in the suitcase would pale in comparison to what her parents would shower upon her.
“Go to your stupid concert.”
Donnie headed to the door. “Oh, Gracie wants that bracelet too.”
Patience looked down at her new bracelet. It was beautiful and she didn’t want to give it up, but with the amount of money in the suitcase, she could design a bigger and better one. She unsnapped the clasp, slid it from her wrist and tossed it to him.
“It was nice doing business with you.” she turned to focus her attention to her newfound wealth.

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