Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stinky Is Good In A Garden Of Lies

Her bags were packed, and all that was left to do was load up. But first she had to hide her Blackmail Box. She wanted to take it with her, but she was traveling light. Besides, it would still be there when she returned. Patience climbed the attic stairs. She was starting to feel the abuse of the day. Every inch of her body writhed with pain. But she had something in her box that would take care of it. She sat on the bench in the corner and opened the box. It was funny how she had been able to gather so much dirt on so many people. It was incredible. She grabbed the last four pills out of the baggie and swallowed them dry. She’d have to make sure wherever she landed, she’d have a place to make special purchases.
Patience smiled as she looked through the box. What fools, she thought. Mr. Brad Thoms, teacher extraordinaire, was having a fling with a student. Who would’ve ever thought that meek little ole Gracie was a dealer? And not small time; she was more like Nino Brown…go figure. Donnie, the photographer, yeah, right. She had proof of what he was really doing with that camera. And it wasn’t shooting wildlife. She threw the photos of Dayna back into the box. She almost felt sorry for her, but she didn’t. Dayna was stupid. It served her right for drinking anything her siblings offered her. Patience just wondered how long it would take for her to remember what happened to her that night. But she was Xavier’s problem, and he was going to have a hard time supporting her with his community college degree. She shoved his letters of recommendation on the side and closed the box. It made her furious that she didn’t have anything on Larry and Agnes. She just hated them. Their marriage wouldn’t last. And when she returned, she’d see to it.

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