Tuesday, October 20, 2009



David pulled his wait staff aside. He was clear with his directions. Food was to be placed at every visible and available spot in the room. And no glass should be empty. The group entered the ballroom to find that the festive mood had changed. Those who didn’t enjoy the police barricades at each point of entry let it be known by loudly threatening to file several lawsuits. The majority of guests went from person to person to try to figure out what happened. Whether the information they received seemed plausible, cell phones were out, and fingers couldn’t text and post internet entries fast enough.
David leaned against the wall and watched the crowd. It was amazing. He could already envision the amount of publicity the resort would receive. If she was found alive, he could be dubbed a hero, and people always paid good money to meet a hero. If she was dead, there was a group out there that would sell their souls to see where she’d been hidden. Either way, the resort would prosper. He just hoped that a majority of that prosperity would sprinkle down on him.

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