Wednesday, October 21, 2009



After door thirteen, it was apparent that Dara may not be in the supply room. Chuck glared at the officers who wanted to call it a day. He and Danica moved forward, determined not to leave until every door had been opened. Danica looked behind them and motioned for the other officers to catch up.
They could smell the pungent odor from a distance. The clear liquid seeped under the door. Anxiety hit the group. It was unlikely that the cleaning crew hadn’t been called immediately. Chuck’s heart pounded wildly. The supply “warehouse”, like every other area in the resort was massive and well ventilated, yet several times since they began the search, he was afraid he would go into cardiac arrest.
Chuck moved aside to allow Danica to slide David’s key card across the wall mounted scanner. The officers stood behind them with guns drawn. She waited for the green light to flash and slowly pulled down on the handle.

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